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CDC Connect™ provides mature, secure and effective network services that will connect you to the right place in the right time.

Ecosystem Connect

Limitless configurations for all customers and providers within our data centres to collaborate and connect, securely without any need for internet or WAN services.

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Private Connect

Private network with uncontended bandwidth per circuit, native encryption, ultra-low latency, unmetered transmission with high availability and carriage redundancy.

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Direct Connect

Intra-metro high capacity optic fibre networks for inter-DC connectivity in region.


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How we can work with you

Designed to be rapidly provisioned and to ensure “on-demand” client and business benefit  – CDC Connect™ services are purpose designed to support business innovation, cross-government, cross-industry, provider and hyperscale demands – allowing CDC Ecosystem partners a limitless, secure, off-WAN facility to accelerate business productivity objectives.

As a licensed Australian Telecommunications carrier, CDC has invested in the necessary infrastructure to support scalable, robust and innovative enterprise communications capability. CDC delivers carrier solutions to our clients and ecosystem partners to enable agile and modern digital productivity outcomes.

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How to procure Network services?

CDC Connect™ services are simple and easy to acquire for existing customers who have a data centre lease agreement. Customers can add a subscription to network products / or service to their contract through a simple change order process.

Are CDC Network Services Secure?

Network services that are delivered logically via subscription to our customers and ecosystem partners (port based) are natively encrypted in transit up to circuits provisioned at 100Gbps.  CDC recommends all ecosystem customers and partners to apply encryption at their own ICT gateway specific to their business requirement.

Design Planning and Technical Services?

CDC’s experienced team of ICT professionals are here to support our customers and partners achieve the best possible outcome. The CDC team is able to peer review architectures, provide feedback and assistance during the design and engineering phases, and to ensure that customer and partner engineers are operationally supported through the lifecycle of the engagement.

Through its many partnerships with telecommunications’ carriers, CDC support all customers’ optimise their data centre connectivity strategy. These services are beneficial when outbound or Wide Area Network (WAN) capabilities are required to support remote ICT infrastructure management and data migrations from external data centres or legacy locations.



Innovative Network Products and Services

Designed and built exclusively for the CDC Ecosystem, CDC Connect provides our customers with a dynamic suite of network products, built upon our sovereign and secure, fibre optic infrastructure assets.

With limitless configuration options, rapid ease of provisioning and reliable high-performance options, CDC will tailor network options to optimise customers' data centre investments.