Careers at CDC

CDC employees are responsive, innovative and trusted in supporting all customer data centre needs and requirements.

Diversity, inclusiveness and social responsibility are all key elements of CDC’s culture, underpinned by the continued support, development and safety of all employees.

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CDC is continually expanding and looking for candidates to support its future growth. CDC employs collegiate and diverse resources who are entrusted with ensuring that each service is maintained and delivered at the highest possible level.

A major focus for CDC is employee health and well-being. With more than 130 employees across four campuses nationally, each employee is provided with a development plan to support their individual job description.

With high staff retention, this can be attributed to CDC providing career pathways and opportunities to progress their individual development.


Career progression supported by an individual development plan that caters for training and qualifications and reimbursement for study.

Flexibility and work-life balance with provision for 26 weeks paid parental leave and support for contributions to community.

Rewards and recognition to remind employees that they are valued and play a key role in CDC’s business.

Opportunity for overseas postings to support expansion in to New Zealand.

An inspiring workspace, where people want to be and see their ideas become a reality in CDC’s future.

Where your contribution makes a difference.

CDC is growing and continues to employ, invest in and grow the best talent. Please reach out the HR Team at for more information on the benefits of joining CDC Data Centres.